About us


Inandout Records was founded by Tino Kopanakis and Christian Mathans. This was the start of the sales of new and used CDs and records at the shop in Reitschulgasse in Graz.




  The vinyl shop Inandout Records relocates to Neutorgasse in Graz, where it is still situated today.

Discovery of eCommerce

Tino Kopanakis and Christian Mathans attended trade fairs in the US and discovered a new form of trade that was not yet relevant in Europe: eCommerce.

1996 – 2002


Entry into Ecommerce

Amazon Germany

Inandout becomes one of the first marketplace sellers on Amazon Germany.




The wholesale business focuses on media products such as records and CDs and starts to thrive under the leadership of Christian Mathans. Only shortly afterwards, the company was already Austria’s leading wholesaler in this segment.

New Location in Seiersberg

The e-commerce and wholesale department move to the new location in Seiersberg. The new building offers storage and office spaces on 1,300 m². Delivery- routes and time improve significantly thanks to the proximity to the A2 and A9 highways, the Cargo Center Werndorf, and Graz Airport.



Expansion of Ecommerce

We added further online marketplaces from France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Japan, the USA, and Canada to our sales network over the past 12 years.

Location Renewed

The renewal and expansion of our location in Seiersberg to almost double its size took place in 2014/2015.



20 Years of Inandout

The 20th company anniversary. We are very proud and grateful that we have grown from a small record shop into an international and successful company over the past 20 years.

Enlargement of the Storage Area

Once again, an increase in the storage area took place. This was done by adding several false ceilings and by renting another warehouse.

Our entire product range now comprises a total of 2 million items.




Since the business areas media (vinyl, CDs, DVDs, merch, and co.) and eCommerce present different challenges, we decided to spin off the media area. Therefore, since July 2019 our media trade department operates under the name I-DI GmbH while Inandout continues to focus on eCommerce – both B2C and B2B.

Covid-19 and E-Commerce-Boom

Due to the pandemic, the demand for online shopping drastically increased. As a result, the whole sector experienced a peak in sales. At the same time, the shipping industry is plagued by breakdowns and backlogs. We successfully master these challenges and achieved the doubling of our revenue from the previous year.