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Do you want to expand your product range?

Take advantage of our huge product selection and logistical expertise!

Due to our know-how in the B2C-market, we could introduce a powerful B2B eCommerce division in 2018 that we want to focus on in the future as-well.

Our product catalogue already consists of millions of products that we obtain from our network of manufacturers and retailers. We have built this network over decades and it still continues to grow. In order to always keep our catalogue up to date, we consolidate countless, constantly changing datasets from our partners, 365 days a year. In addition, we still manage data processing and preparation in-house. This is a market advantage that has become a rarity in modern e-commerce.

Thanks to our extensive experience, both as a dealer and as a supplier, we know exactly what demands are placed on suppliers to guarantee optimal operating conditions. Therefore, we are proud to offer the following conditions to our partners in B2B eCommerce:

Always up to date with current inventory data in all common formats

However you handle your data internally, we offer you our inventory data in a compatible format – from EDI to API to CSV and XLS. We provide our inventory data in a compatible format and always up to date.

Fill rate security thanks to daily order confirmations

We provide you with all information about your orders daily if you wish so. As a result, you will know exactly what is being delivered when and you are fully informed about your fill rates across your sales channels.

Individual payment terms

We agree on individual payment terms to guarantee a mutually profitable and reliable cooperation.

Great support

We are always here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, you will receive an answer immediately. Our friendly office staff is great at finding the best solution for any problem.

Fast delivery times

One of the most important factors for any trading company is the time it takes to procure and offer products. Thanks to years of experience and our expertise in logistics, we can help you by reliably meeting our fast delivery times.


We can adapt all order processes to your individual needs due to our adaptive, automated processes. Our IT specialists are happy to contact you regarding automated solutions, too.

We have sparked your interest? You are welcome to contact us here.